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28 July 2009 @ 09:47 pm
Silent on the Moor - Deanna Raybourn  
Silent on the Moor (MIRA)Title: Silent on the Moor

Deanna Raybourn

Genre(s): crime, mystery, romance

Plot Summary:

This is a wickedly witty Lady Julia Grey mystery. 'There are things that walk abroad on the moor that should not. But the dead do not always lie quietly, do they, lady?' It is England, 1888. Grimsgrave Manor is an unhappy house, isolated on the Yorkshire moors, silent and secretive. But secrets cannot be long kept in the face of Lady Julia Grey's incurable curiosity. In the teeth of protests from her conventional, stuffy brother, Lady Julia decides to pay a visit to the enigmatic detective, Nicholas Brisbane to bring a woman's touch to his new estate. Grimsgrave is haunted by the ghosts of its past, and its owner seems to be falling into ruin along with the house. Confronted with gypsy warnings and Brisbane's elusive behaviour, Lady Julia scents a mystery. It's not long before her desire for answers leads her into danger unlike any other that she has experienced - and from which, this time, there may be no escape.

My Raing:  5/5

My Review: See comments (spoilers!)

Roshni (mememememeee)mememememeee on July 28th, 2009 08:51 pm (UTC)
This is another book that is part of a series. And like Acheron it can be read alone but I really enjoyed it more having read the first two before this one.

Lady Julia Grey invites herself to Brisbane's home in York (I know. Every time I read it all I could think about was Uni) and there finds herself embroiled in mystery and murder and love. The character development in this book is excellent and the plot is brilliant. It isn't as fast as the two previous books, and by that I mean that the murder isn't revealed until way into the book. But until then you are confronted by a host of creepy women, a man who has some serious issues and a sister whose heart seems to be breaking. There is also a dead brother who was slightly too obsessed with Egyptology and indulged his habit until he had no money left at all.

The ending of this book was like a very strong full stop. There was a definite end, but on Deanna Raybourn's website she had stated that this is not the end. Which is great because I really want more of Julia and Brisbane!

acidrosesacidroses on July 29th, 2009 12:42 am (UTC)
You know, I saw this at the store and made a note to myself to look it up at the library. But then I went home and forgot. I just now remembered.

Alas, am currently working on applying to med school and have sworn off books until I finish. :[
Roshni (mememememeee)mememememeee on August 2nd, 2009 06:10 pm (UTC)
You must read it! I can direct you to a site that has uploaded the audio versions of the three books if you like :D

WOW. Good luck with that!
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