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28 July 2009 @ 09:41 pm
Are these my basoomas I see before me? - Louise Rennison  
 Title: Are these my basoomas I see before me?

Author:  Louise Rennison

Genre(s): humour

Plot Summary:

Oh yes, the hilariosity goes on for one last time. Here it is ... maybe probably ... pants for the memories!

My marvy Luuurve God boyfriend has got the full Humpty Dumpty with me for accidentally twisting with Dave the Laugh.

Which is not actually my fault. I cannot be expected to control my body parts, they pop out unexpectedly and so on.

For instance my lips do ad-hoc puckering up every time Dave the Laugh comes near them, I don't know why.

Ditto jelloid knickers.

Anyway shut up about Dave the Laugh, he has got a GIRLFRIEND.

Not that I care. Or do I?

Oh I don't know, so many boys, so little time ...

My Raing:  4/5

My Review: See comments (spoilers!)

Roshni (mememememeee)mememememeee on July 28th, 2009 08:46 pm (UTC)
First of all I am thrilled to let everyone know that the humour of the first few books in this series has not been diminished at all. In fact I had an absolutely brilliant time reading the final fab confessions. Georgia is just as crazy as before and I love her for it. Her Rom and Jule school play with improvised blood dancing and Herr Kraymer teaching sword fighting was the climax of the book. I just wish so much that my own high school teachers and school play experience was even half as crazy.

Or half as fun. I love the style of Georgia's diaries and the way her thoughts are so random and strange. And her family. Well they are all still in a whole different Universe,especially Libby. I lobe Libby.

Anyway she is on the rack of love all over again what with Masimo being her on and off boyfriend. At the beginning he is off. Then there is Robbie, the Sex God who is also back and to everyone's horror, back with Wet Lindsay who still has no forehead. Then there is, as there has always been, Dave the Laugh, who is most definitely the one that makes the humour in the book work.

The only problem was that I think the ending was slightly too abrupt. Louise Rennison could have afforded to drag it out slightly, especially since it is the last book (horror of horrors) and she has become a sort of natioal heroine.

You must all read this book and the rest of the series if you haven't already. It will make you laugh like no other. Seriously.